The Power Of Motivation and Recognition at Your Workplace

Motive has been derived from the Latin term "motivus" which means “to move.” So why is this term so important in our lives? It helps us move from where we are to where we want to be. Motivation, born from motive, is the reason why the world is running today. From the bagel and coffee seller outside your office to your higher-up sitting in a cozy cabin, we all are driven by this need to be pushed towards being better versions of ourselves.


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Whether you’re working on a project, pursuing a goal or realizing a dream, the creative buzz you get from transforming your ideas into realities is intoxicating. Humans have a need to feel competent and valued. Even the boldest go-getters among us get a boost of confidence when they know other people are in their corner. It may not seem like much, but the words of encouragement we offer one another add up, because they remind us of the value of all our hard work.

The CEO of the Happy Face Toy Company, changed the fate of his sinking ship of a family legacy by the simple principle of employee recognition. Employees can be inspired to greater heights by experiencing meaningful leadership. Here are some thoughts about encouraging and inspiring employee motivation at the workplace.


Take Time to Listen to Your Employees

Be open and responsive regarding their concerns and needs for performing their jobs. Don’t interrupt or dismiss an idea. Discuss various issues with them individually, such as conflicts they may have with you or other employees. Rectify conflicts right away by coming up with viable solutions.


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Recognize Great Work and Great Ideas Whenever and Wherever You See Them

Great leaders celebrate and cherish the ideas of others as much as, if not more than their own. Motivation involves recognizing talent, catching a good act and rewarding it spontaneously. The more spontaneous the reward, the more real it is, the better motivation instilled.


Provide Opportunity 

A small business needs to work to develop opportunities for employees to develop their careers and build their skills. Assigning different and challenging tasks can add new experiences to their professional resume. A tuition assistance can be another way for the company to take interest by helping employees to expand their educational backgrounds.


Always Appreciate 

Understanding the importance of the work and the people doing it makes them feel valued. Every job matters. Make it a point to stop by your employees' cubicles and casually mention the importance of what they are doing and how their performance has positive impacts on the company’s growth.


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Celebrate First Downs, Not Just Touchdowns

Publicly recognizing and rewarding small wins keeps everyone motivated. These small achievements matter. Acknowledgements make a challenging task more enjoyable for the employees. On top of that, they don’t feel emotionally empty and burnt out from how much work they are doing and thinking their work does not matter when it's actually so important.


Give Credit When Due

Ideas have a funny way of arriving – anytime, anywhere and through anyone. If someone offers a good idea, attribute it to them even if you have to modify it before putting it into practice. This will make people feel valued and encourage more independent thinking. Motivate your team members and subordinates to feel confident in sharing their ideas with you and the team.


Make It Fun

Motivation should not be a cumbersome task, least so, an action or a concept fit for the books. It should be a way of living. People should look forward to your little acts of motivation – keep impromptu parties and give away little fun tokens every time you recognize someone for his/her excellence. Involving other team members makes it a fun occasion overall, motivating them to do better too.


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Motivation is a Privilege

Do not consider motivation as just another task on your to-do list, as a leader or manager. When exercised in the right way, giving motivation is a privilege that feeds people’s souls and makes them feel great about themselves. This, in turn, feeds your own soul. Sometimes motivating others can also lead to self-motivation!


Being social animals, we humans always look for social validation, be it at home or in the workplace. Motivation is the purest form of this love that needs to be spread in the workplace. So keep at it consciously and constantly. Keep recognizing, keep motivating!


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