Today we pray, tomorrow we hope

Posted by Tom Pimm on Jun 14, 2016 1:24:22 PM

Today we say a prayer for the families and friends of those who passed and were injured in the Orlando shootings. For whatever conclusions the authorities bring to the situation, the community will carry with it the scars from this cowardly act.

We proudly unite behind the Orlando community, no matter their background or orientation. Social tolerance is a fleeting topic, and these acts of terror leave the common person grasping for answers.  Our president has had to address the nation on 18 accounts of terror over the last 7 years.  On so many levels this is unacceptable for the people of the US.

Our hope is that our future leaders will actually address tougher gun laws, the increasing threat of terrorism, and the hatred those of the LGBT community. Today we pray, tomorrow we hope.

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