Top 10 rules for successful recruiting projects

Successful recruiting projects are essential to all growing companies, regardless of size and industry sector. The ability to successfully and repeatedly hire the right talent for the right role will make a hard task (growing a company) a lot easier and a lot more rewarding for everyone.

Hub has a track record of successful recruiting projects for many of the country’s fastest growing technology companies. We’ve analyzed past and present projects, and come up with a list of best practices. We hope that they help you with your own hiring requirements.

  1. Open and frequent communication between recruiters and hiring managers.
  2. Clear set of hiring requirements for each role including must-have skills, preferred skills, previously interviewed candidates, ‘do not contact’ lists, etc.
  3. The ability to adjust the approach and team structure as the number of open roles increases.
  4. Quality over quantity.
  5. Talk with candidates early and often. Do not only use LinkedIn, text, email, etc.
  6. Weekly status calls/meetings. Address issues head-on and apply lessons learned immediately.
  7. Make sure that both sides are equally invested in the project’s success, and clearly agree on what success actually looks like.
  8. Fully communicate candidate interview feedback so hiring criteria can be adjusted and refined throughout the process.
  9. Track and share the candidate pipeline process including statistics, trends and unusual characteristics.
  10. Invest enough time to really understand the candidates’ goals, decision-making process, life situation, long-term career aspirations, compensation, etc. Do not leave these details to later in the interview process.

Hub is currently refining these best practices into a Recruiting Play Book. Let us know if you would like a copy.