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How to Develop Your Hiring Strategy After Raising Your Series B

Matching every aspect of your talent acquisition strategy to meet the market demand for your product/service is the biggest challenge you'll face after raising your Series B funding.

Why you should stop hiding behind your email

Why should you pick up the phone and call candidates instead of send an email? Communication is critical for recruiters in today’s business world. We make a lot of phone calls and send emails every day to keep finding qualified candidates, set up...

Benefits beyond vacation days

As millennials enter the workforce in waves, companies are being forced to sit down and evaluate the benefits offered to their employees. The standard paid time off (PTO) and health benefits package are not cutting it according to recent reports....

The case for basic manners in the workplace

In many respects, manners have fallen out of style. Perhaps the implied inequality between persons giving and receiving courtesies convinced the dimwits who are incapable of grasping a concept of social relationship more complex than infantile...

Take your InMail from average to awesome in sixty seconds

Spend one minute doing this before sending out an InMail, and see your response rate skyrocket.

How to choose quality links for your blog or website

Take advantage of using external links in your blog or website to generate traffic to your own sites. Here are a few ways to choose quality links for your blog or website.

5 lessons your company can learn from ‘Friday Night Lights’

Friday Night Lights is a show about the Dillon Panthers, a well-known high school football team in Texas. This show covers the many triumphs as well as many disappointing let-downs in not only football but also the character’s everyday lives. But...

How your company can benefit from the ESPY’s

Sports inspire, fascinate, and drive the will of millions of people. This type of competition lends itself to emotion, passion and loyalty. I’d be willing to bet that a very large number of entrepreneurs and business leaders often use elite sports...

Every problem is an opportunity

 "Every problem is an opportunity in disguise." –Benjamin Franklin

You can look at the same problem in two different ways: you can view a glass of water as half empty or half full.  We are all faced with numbers of challenges in our lives that are...

Investing in Culture – Some Lessons Learned

This week’s Time magazine has an article titled: Building Monuments in Glass and Steel. It is about the tech giants and their race to build iconic headquarters that represent culture, dominance, profits and innovation. Leading the pack are the...