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Employee Spotlight: Amy

This week's employee spotlight is Amy!
July 2015
Favorite part of working at Hub Recruiting?

Employee Spotlight: Brooke C

Brooke Curran

Joined: May 20th to be exact and today is my last day!

 Job: Marketing Coordinator. Everything you see on any of our social media platforms—that’s been me posting it. 

Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting?

Employee Spotlight: Anya

Anya C

Joined: Just under 4 years ago. I was employee number 5!

Job: Full cycle Recruiting

Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting? 


Employee Spotlight: Mollie

Mollie C.

Joined: 3 months ago

Job: Talent Acquisition Specialist

Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting? Working on different projects, its nice to change up the pace when one search gets a little difficult or dull.


Employee Spotlight: Steven

Steven LaKind

Joined: 2 years ago

Job: I spread the Gospel!

I am responsible for developing new client relationships as well as executing on our higher level executive search projects.

Employee Spotlight: Tom

Tom Pimm

Joined: Been a part of Hub Recruiting since inception, August 2011

Job: Everything from sanitary engineer and housekeeping to COO & CFO.

Employee Spotlight: Jagruti


Joined: September 2014

Job: Sourcing and Recruiting specialist for Engineering positions

Favorite part of working for Hub? 

Employee Spotlight: Brooke F

Brooke Freeburg

Joined: September

Job: Currently a technical recruiter in the software space for an E-Commerce company

Favorite part of working for Hub? Hmmm... it's hard to pinpoint one thing. The environment at Hub is very

Employee Spotlight: Matt

Matt Corbett

Joined: 4 years ago

Job: CEO


Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting?

Three things:

  • Hiring great people. Helping them be successful in the recruiting industry, giving them the space to try new approaches, and test the boundaries...

Employee Spotlight: Brian


Joined: 1 year 3 months ago

Job: Technical recruiter

Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting? It is a relaxed and collaborative work environment where everyones ideas and views are valued.