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10 Tips to Help You Get Noticed on LinkedIn


How to Stay Optimistic During Your Job Search

As a recruiter, there are times when I feel like I am in a never-ending roller coaster. When I start a new job search for a client, there are always some positive and negative outcomes that occur. The positive parts are speaking with new candidates,...

3 Things to Be Scared of During Your Job Search

Being that it is Fall and the spookiness of Halloween comes along with it, there can be nothing scarier than beginning the hunt for your new or next career move.

Gap In Resume: What It Means & How It Should Be Taken

One constant fear on the part of the applicant and a constant disappointment on the part of the recruiter is a gap period on the resume. It is well known that the gap is not taken positively on almost all occasions.  A lack of continuity in one’s...

Inside the Mind of a Recruiter Reading Resumes

Recruiters are the entry way into any company. As a recruiters we are tasked with filling multiple roles at once with A-level candidates. We consider ourselves salespeople of some sort, simply because we are selling a position, culture and company...

Recruiting and the Holidays

It happens every year. Once November rolls around, it seems like the applicant pool dwindles and filling job orders gets harder. So why is this, and what can you do as a job seeker to give yourself that edge during this time of the year?

What to Bring to Your Next Career Fair

Knowing what to bring to a career fair is part of a bigger understanding of how to prepare for a career fair. What you're taking with you is more than resumes and business cards. You need to put yourself in the mindset to follow through and succeed. 

Five Reasons Why Your Personal Network is Your Best Job Search Tool

There are job search tools and job search strategies to explore when you are looking for your next opportunity. You're probably thinking of utilizing recruiters or the internet (job boards, company websites). Make no mistake, these outlets can be...

Why Recruiters Are "Job Doctors"

Why I feel recruiting isn't just a job but a responsibility and an oath


How Front End Developers can stand out

As a recruiter, entering the big world of Front End Development can be a little overwhelming and confusing. Does it require candidates to actually be able to do some development (or programming)?  Or are we talking about Design, User Experience, or...