Stoicism– A Recruiter's Best Friend

by Erman Ozturk on Aug 8, 2017 2:56:13 PM

 As humanity, we are blessed with the inherent ability of perceiving certain phenomena deeper than they would appear to be on a first glance. As ...

Recruiting Like the "Mad Man" Shane McConkey

by Jeremy Bamford on Jul 28, 2017 9:59:31 AM

Recently while watching one of my favorite biographical documentaries about Shane McConkey, the mad man that turned the skiing world on its head in the late 1980’s and ...

Why We Should Not Skip the Process of Delivering Negative Feedback to Candidates

by Amrutha Pillai on Jul 6, 2017 11:51:45 AM

For recruiters an interview is routine but for a candidate it’s potentially a life-changing event. Interviewer feedback is therefore very important. The worst time for a ...

Why Candidates Ignore Your Email

by Kassandra Pirela on Jun 9, 2017 10:14:43 AM

When it comes to this generation of recruiting, many of the first reach-outs are through email. We spend a lot of time looking for those qualified candidates that might ...

Bon Apetit! A Recruiter’s Cookbook On Making Hires

by Erman Ozturk on Jun 8, 2017 10:21:50 AM

As I slowly prepared dinner on a Sunday evening; I couldn’t help but ...

What is Recruiting?

by Jeremy Bamford on May 2, 2017 2:18:34 PM

What is recruiting? There are basically two types – contingency and corporate. Contingency-based recruiting involves an agency (or multiple agencies) that charge you a ...

All Aboard the Recruiting Express

by Kassandra Pirela on Apr 13, 2017 9:43:21 AM

I can’t believe that it’s only been two months since I’ve decided to change courses in my career path and try my luck in the recruiting world. I guess the main reason I ...

From the Age Of Antiquity to the Age Of Hub: A Brief Introduction to Recruiting Principles in the Republican And Imperial Eras of the Roman Empire

by Erman Ozturk on Apr 11, 2017 12:34:14 PM

As recruiters, we pride ourselves during the more quiet hours of the day regarding our talent in attracting but more importantly; recognizing the innate talent and ...

Engaging Passive Candidates and Building a Talent Pool and Pipeline

by Jeremy Bamford on Apr 3, 2017 12:07:02 PM

Unless you’re running a team at a company like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, or SpaceX, one of your biggest challenges is most likely going to be finding, attracting, ...

Four Tips for Talking Compensation With Candidates

by Brooke Freeburg on Mar 21, 2017 1:30:28 PM

Back in August, Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker, signed a law forbidding companies to inquire about