Uncovering a Company’s Culture: It’s More Than Just a Foosball Table!


We spend about a third of our lives at work, so culture is an extremely important factor when deciding to transition to a new company. Candidates should understand that a company’s culture is a significant part of what will make going to work each day really enjoyable or just tolerable.

Whether you’re applying for jobs online or in an onsite interview, it’s important to recognize the culture of the company. There is no “right way” to uncover this information, but here are a few tips to help with your research:

Company website

  • Visit the company website and take note of how the company presents itself.  Is it casual or formal?  Notice pages such as “our team” or “about us” and see types of titles being used.
  • Look for pictures of office space.  What are people wearing?
  • Check out their mission statement.  What do they value?

Social Media

  • Search their company page on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to see what other companies, people and pages they are following.
  • Check out local business articles online to read their latest news.


  • Online tools such as Glassdoor and Vault.com give reviews from current and former employees.
  • See if you have any networking connections thru Linkedin or your personal network who have worked at that company.

But most importantly, the first place where you should begin looking to assess any organization’s values for a match is within yourself. What do you really care about? Because the bottom line is that you are going to spend a lot of time in your work environment, and a big part of working for an organization or company is contributing to their culture. You’ll want to be certain that you can be happy and productive there.

How would you describe your current company culture in 3 words?