Why Candidates Ignore Your Email

When it comes to this generation of recruiting, many of the first reach-outs are through email. We spend a lot of time looking for those qualified candidates that might fit the positions that we are trying to fill. With today’s technology, we are offered many sourcing tools to find the best talent in the world. However, we sometimes forget the main element of contacting a person: making that candidate respond to you.

Many people are swarmed with messages that mention new job opportunities or how awesome some company is. Recruiters are always trying to come up with a compelling email because if they don’t, candidates will just toss their message away.




When it comes to our approach at Hub, we constantly hear, “Make your messages personal.” I know this technique will take longer than usual to customize each message for each candidate, but it will be so worth it in the end. By taking those extra minutes, you are establishing a connection with each person.

So here are a few tips that will help increase your response rates:


1. Read Candidates’ Profiles Thoroughly

Whether you are sending an InMail, an email or a direct message, it's best to thoroughly look through the candidates’ profiles and mention something you find intriguing about that person. For instance, “I see that you like to travel. I just came back from France, so I know how awesome traveling can be.” This simply shows the candidate that you actually took the time to read about him/her.



2. Have a Compelling Subject Line

This is the first thing people see. Simply writing “New job Opportunity” is boring. Nobody wants to read that. Therefore, write something that will entice the candidates in wanting to read more. Probably mention something exciting about the company you are representing.

3. Keep It Real

People like 100% honesty. Therefore, just be real with the candidates about any issues that might arise and how the interview process goes. Don’t leave them in the dark. They will greatly appreciate it.



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