Why the long hiring process?

Posted by Brian Hamilton on Aug 4, 2015 1:58:14 PM

As job seekers, have you ever wondered why the hiring process takes so long?  I’m sure at some point in the job hunt you've experienced the long and drawn-out process and as much as we all despise it, there are usually a number of reasons why this happens: an abundance of applicants, hiring managers are taking time off, all the decision makers need to weigh in on the candidates, hiring managers are too busy, changing scope of role, and so on…

I think the biggest and most common reason for a long hiring process is that hiring managers are looking for a “custom fit” candidate in an “off the rack” world. Companies form this idea of the perfect candidate in their mind and decide not to settle until they find that person. We all want a new hire to help grow the company and be a positive addition but is it completely realistic? Can we always find a candidate that matches every technical requirement for the role, fits well with the company culture and matches the salary range?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hire great people in fact, we should all strive for that, but having unrealistic expectations means you could be missing out on other great candidates. Maybe someone is missing one quality you were looking for but makes up for it with expertise in something else. You may not have realized that skill or knowledge was important for the role but who knows, it could prove to be a huge asset for your team! It is so important to stay open minded. We can compare this to car shopping. If you go to the dealership knowing the exact car you want, you are very likely bypassing other cars that may have also been "perfect" but you were so caught up in that one car that you missed out. Don't miss out. 

If a hiring manager is looking for a candidate that can check off every technical skill plus the personality they are looking for, it could take a very long time and take a toll on your candidates. Finding the perfect candidate should be all about finding someone that matches the role's essential technical requirements and has a personality that will readily mesh with the team. 

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