Why you should stop hiding behind your email

Why should you pick up the phone and call candidates instead of send an email? Communication is critical for recruiters in today’s business world. We make a lot of phone calls and send emails every day to keep finding qualified candidates, set up interviews, and maintain consistent communication with clients. I often wondered which one of those two communication tools generates more revenue for us as recruiters. I think it’s safe to say a phone call does, and here is why.

  • It is hard to convey your personality and intelligence via an email. With email, it is hard to get the feelings behind the words.
  • People appreciate it more if you are willing to take the time and call them instead of just sending an impersonal email.
  • Some people receive several hundred emails a day, and it’s hard for them to stay on top of it all.
  • People take longer to respond to emails, and in some occasions they never read them at all. Making a phone call will guarantee they hear your message.
  • The back and forth of email interactions can take longer than a quick phone call when resolving an issue. Speed up the process with a call!
  • Sometimes you don’t know if your email has even been delivered to the recipient.

It’s much more effective to build a rapport and trust with someone by speaking to them directly as opposed to over email. Try it out, and see your response rate and productivity increase!