On The Importance of Keeping a Healthy Work-Life Balance and Its Reflection on Your Overall Performance in Sales

As a sales recruiter, I have found myself acquainted with a decent number of sales people at this point in my professional life, from many continents and various markets. I can honestly say I have had some of the most colorful conversations of my life with these fascinating individuals. Although each of them is unique and each has an amazing story, I have come to observe that stronger ones among them have grasped the importance of keeping a healthy work-life balance.  




If we were to break “sales” down to its grassroots, the recipe we gain becomes significant. Primarily, we can divide sales into physical and mental aspects. Both aspects go hand in hand in a successful sales cycle.

From the initial prospecting to all the way into negotiations and the closing, sales is a mental game of chess, played on many dimensions. Your mind needs to be like a whip and you should be able to think on your feet, never missing a beat. You should be able to answer anything your prospect throws at you and rapidly generate counter arguments while assessing the market and your competitors correctly in the back of your mind; all the while remaining calm and guiding the talks into a successful closing in a consultative manner.



When not talking to prospects, a sales person prospects! This is, arguably, the less glorious part of doing sales. It requires a rested mind, excellent time management, engagement, and lots of patience. Remember, sales is a game of resilience after all. This is where the importance of a strong work-life balance increases in gravity. If you start prospecting while carrying the burdens of yesterday on your shoulders; your efficiency and success is bound to be low. Therefore, the clock must reset each day!



Keeping your mind strong and well-rested is only the half of the game. The tempo of a salesperson is always high. Whenever they are not cold-calling someone, they are going into a meeting or possibly ordering lunch from the restaurant which is located in the venue where the next meeting is going to take place. In order to keep up with this hectic calendar, and to blow off some steam, regular exercise is very important.

On this topic, one conversation I have had with a candidate from Egypt remained with me. He told me: “Erman, in this business you meet a lot of people. And not all of them are nice. Doing regular work-outs are the only way to keep going and start every day anew. Keep your pipeline robust and just keep lifting." It goes without saying that I was lifting weights shortly after that conversation.



To sum it all up, it is very important for sales professionals to be able to balance out work and play. It is the reality of sales; the more you work, the more you earn. However, unless you give your mind and body enough time to recuperate, you will be endangering many conversions, meetings and even closings to come.



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