Case Studies


Early Stage

How We Fit MindMax

+ Typical of many startups: MindMax's talent acquisition process was unrefined and spontaneous.
+ Hub was instrumental in aligning recruiting efforts with culture & values, eliminating costly permanent placement fees, and serving as their outsourced HR department.
+ Hub was able to ramp up efforts on-demand and paused efforts when hiring became less a priority. 
+ Recruited across a spectrum of different functions from operations to Marketing executives.
Roles include: VP of Marketing, Marketing Director, Sr. Marketing Manager, Marketing Automation Manager, Marketing Operations Specialist, Marketing Coordinator, Account Manager, Project Manager, Engagement Coordinator, and more.
"I was personally very appreciative that it wasn’t just a one-time, 'set it and forget' sort of approach. They’ve grown with us in their understanding of who we are, of our culture. We’re a different business now than we were 2.5 years ago in the sense that we’ve doubled in size, we’ve got different kinds of people that we’re looking for now to fill different roles. And Hub has been able to understand those growing and changing needs over time."
- Lee Maxey
Founder & CEO

Growth Mode

 How We Built a B2B SaaS Sales Team

+ Embedded 1 Full-Life Cycle Recruiter with client's in-house talent acquisition team 
+ We reduced the noise of multiple agencies, delivered a consistent candidate experience, and established working relationships alongside multiple hiring managers.
+ Result over 90 days: 3 instrumental hires - VP of Sales, Director of Sales, Business Development Manager
+ Client experienced a 66% cost savings using Hub's hourly model vs. contingency fees
Roles include: VP of Sales, VP of Customer Success, Director of HR, BDR Manager,  Digital Marketing Manager, Sr. Account Manager, Account Executive, Interactive Marketing Strategist, Software Engineer, Customer Support

Scaling / Pre-IPO


How We Helped Build A Product Team

+ Embedded 1 Full-Life Cycle Recruiter and 1 Sourcer complementing the client's existing Talent Acquisition team. 
+ The quality of our pipeline resulted in 15+ Senior Product Team hires over the course of a year
+ 50% cost savings utilizing our hourly pricing model vs. contingency per-hire fees 
Roles include: Director of Product, Director of PMO, Sr. Manager (Product Strategy), Sr. Manager (Product Marketing), Sr. Program Manager, Product Manager (CRM & Analytics), Business Process Manager, Program Manager, Sales Operations, Process Engineer, Business Analyst, and more!


How We Transformed Criteo's Hiring

+ Implemented new hiring process in 6 weeks: training protocol (e.g. interviewing, onboarding), customized ATS (applicant tracking system) and launch
+ Instituted collaborative "hiring committee" model featuring multiple stakeholders
+ Reduced and rebalanced hiring burdens placed on Sales leadership
Roles include: VP of Product, Training Manager, Marketing Manager (Mid-market), Sales Manager (MENA), Sales Manager (Russia), Sales Operations Manager, Account Executive (Boston), Account Executive (India), Account Executive (UK), Account Executive (Poland), Account Executive (Germany), Account Strategy (Existing Business), Account Strategist (Turkey), Assistant Account Executive, AdOps Specialist (India), and more!
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"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt Corbett and the Hub Recruiting team for over a year.  Jibo was growing at a very aggressive pace and I needed to find a way to expand the reach and impact of my internal team. 
The traditional external recruiter model is so mercenary and does not focus on the organic needs of the hiring company.  Matt convinced me that his model was different.  And it is. 
Within 2 weeks, Jibo had a dedicated team (i.e., a full lifecycle recruiter, with decades of hands-on tech recruiting experience, supported by a full-time sourcing expert) on-site, fully ramped and generating attractive candidates.  We saw results in the first month.  We saw dramatic improvements in top-of-funnel activity, conversion throughout the recruiting funnel, and (most important) we hired several top-flight candidates sourced, vetted and processed by the Hub Team.
One of the most attractive parts of the Hub model is the ability to scale up and scale down as the needs of the business dictate.  We did just that.  At the peak, we had three full 2-person teams focusing on software, hardware, marketing, operations and support roles.  We closed more than 20 quality hires during the time Hub was supporting us.  Once our hiring needs slowed, we were able to back the resources down to more closely fit the new demand curve.
Through it all, I felt that I had a strong business partner and ally in Matt Corbett.  His experience and guidance has been very valuable.  I highly recommend the Hub model and team for any business enterprise looking to quickly scale its hiring."
- Rich Westelman
VP, Finance and HR