Hiring Individuals

Suited for 1-2 individual hires
No upfront fees.
You pay upon hire.
Fees consist of 20-30% of each hire's base salary
You only see the people sent to you.
Candidates are submitted to several companies for the highest bidder.

Full Stack RPO

Building Teams

Suited to building teams and scaling your hiring
Fixed fees based on hourly structure (10-40 hours per week)
Free mobile ATS & free training platform included
All sourced candidates are presented only to you.
24/7 access to pipeline data & activity
You keep all candidate database information after a project concludes.
This translates into potential hires beyond your current needs.
Embedded recruiters act as extensions of your internal talent acquisition team.
They communicate your values and culture.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest differences between Contingency and RPO?

Pricing and pipeline access. You pay a fee when you hire someone when using contingency recruiting. This number is typically 20-30% of a candidate's starting salary. You pay a fixed fee based on hourly usage with RPO.

Contingency agencies present candidates to you and a number of other firms to maximize their chances of securing a hire. RPO firms present candidates only to you.

You don't get access to candidate information and pipeline activity with contingency services. You only interact with people submitted to you.

Transparent RPO gives you full access to all candidate activity including initial outreach and follow-up.

When would I use Contingency?

We recommend using contingency services when you only have one or two hires to make and you don't anticipate high demand in the near future. These roles could be very specialized profiles with historically low turnover rates.

When would I use RPO?

RPO is suited for scaling your talent acquisition based on repeatable roles. For example, RPO is cost-effective if you need to hire several software engineers or account executives.

What costs more/less?

It depends on your budget and timeline. If you need to make one hire, contingency may make sense based on the role's base salary. If you need to make 50 hires, RPO is more friendly to your cash flow.

"Incredibly beneficial to us"

"I simply cannot say enough about Hub Recruiting and the great talent acquisition strategy that they have put in place.  
Their integrated solution of providing recruitment, ATS, and training rolled into one hourly price effectively enables me to implement the perfect amount of resource at the exact time of need.  Stellar service coupled with a stellar model."
- Thomas G. Aurelio
Chief Human Resources Officer
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