Full Stack RPO®

Talent, Technology, Training

Empower your talent acquisition engine

  • Sourcers and Full Lifecycle Recruiters (Talent) identify, interview, and hire your teams
  • Hub.jobs (Tech) manages your hiring process with scheduling and pipeline activity analysis
  • Hub Recruiting University (Training) teaches you best practices to improve your hiring
"I simply cannot say enough about Hub Recruiting and the great talent acquisition strategy that they have put in place.  Their integrated solution of providing recruitment, ATS, and training rolled into one hourly price effectively enables me to implement the perfect amount of resource at the exact time of need.  Stellar service coupled with a stellar model."
- Thomas G. Aurelio
Chief HR Officer

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How can "Full Stack RPO®" help my recruiting?
Integration: You get a complete recruiting solution (Talent, Tech, Training) for one hourly rate.
Cost-Effective: Your CFO/COO will be able to forecast hiring budgets and manage cash flow because you pay per hour, not per hire. 
Easy-to-Use:  Full Stack RPO®  scales as you grow and as your needs change,
What do the three T’s stand for?
Talent - You partner with our Sourcers & Full Lifecycle Recruiters throughout the sourcing, interviewing, offer/negotiation and onboarding stages. We build your teams.
Technology - Manage how you hire with Our free Hub.jobs ATS (applicant tracking system). It tracks each candidate throughout the interviewing process (including easy auto-scheduling). You can view hiring analytics to measure and improve performance.
Training - Learn talent acquisition best practices (interviewing, recruiting tools, candidate profiles, candidate relationship management) with our free e-learning platform, Hub Recruiting University.
Where does the "Full Stack RPO®" name come from?
The term "full stack" comes from the software engineering methodology of "full stack development."  A full stack developer is an engineer that is able to work on everything (front to back end) of an application. Likewise, "Full Stack RPO®" gives our clients the ability to own their entire recruiting lifecycle.

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