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About the App

What can I do with the app?

You can run your complete interviewing and hiring process across all candidate sources while tracking all of the critical data for process analysis and optimization.

What does it run on?

The app currently runs on Android and the desktop is available over any web browser. The iOS version is coming soon.

How is it different from an ATS that I might pay for ?

First, it’s free for all Hub clients. Secondly, it has features that most ATS do not have. For example, auto-availability syncing makes interview scheduling easy. Interview feedback audio records if you’d prefer to speak your candidate analysis rather than capture it in text. A question library ensures that interviewers will never be stuck for the right question(s) with the right candidate. And finally, it is built mobile app first so it’s fully functional on mobile phones and tablets.

Why is it free? is free for two reasons:

  1. Hub’s mission is to give its clients every possible competitive advantage as they grow by finding new ways to improve the recruiting process. Giving Hub’s clients a fully functioning ATS at no cost certainly fulfills that mission.
  2. is primarily designed for fast growing, earlier stage companies who need a complete solution that is remarkably flexible and cost effective

Who can use it?

All employees of Hub’s clients can use it as part of their interviewing and hiring process.

How can I get access?

All of Hub’s clients can get access from Google Play. Just ask your Hub contact for a username and password.

What problem does it solve? solves three significant problems:

Many fast-growing companies do not have an ATS. allows them to instantly manage and track all of their hiring activity at no additional cost.

Many current ATS do not have the features that fast-growing companies really need. Hub built those features into after an extensive product review analysis with its clients.

Many fast-growing companies also do not have a complete and integrated recruiting solution that can adjust to their hiring pace. is fully integrated. We provide our clients with a complete recruiting solution called Hub’s Full Stack RPO. This includes Hub recruiter and/or sourcer, the mobile app and the Hub Recruiting University for one hourly fee. 

Can a client’s other recruiting agency and partners use

Yes. Any recruiting agency can use for their candidate submittal into a client’s hiring process.  They will get a candidate portal link for candidate submittals and will get instant activity notifications.