Hub Recruiting University (HRU)

HRU is a custom library of training videos, created so every Hub recruiter can develop their skills; available to every client.

How does it work?

Our online library contains 60+ videos and tutorials covering recruiting strategy, sourcing techniques, interviewing methodology, and talent acquisition best practices. 

You can view the content at any time on any device. The material follows a curriculum that builds upon hiring fundamentals to advanced knowledge.

Why did you create HRU?

Offering free training is the next step to deliver world-class service both to our clients and our team. Over the years, we received a lot of feedback requesting help on improving our clients' interview processes, interpreting pipeline analyses, and boosting their quality-of-hire. 

We see it this way:

  • Our clients gain a competitive advantage by having access to a free training platform as they grow and their hiring needs scale.
  • Our Recruiters and Sourcers continually better themselves on the latest and greatest trends and tools in recruiting.
  • We (clients and Hub) achieve greater alignment on objectives, terminology, process, knowledge, and experience.

What kind of topics does HRU cover?

Students will learn the nuances of candidate profiles (e.g. sales, software engineering, product management, etc.), how to use recruiting tools, and how to manage the talent acquisition lifecycle (e.g. communication, hiring process management). 

How can I access it?

HRU is available to all of our recruiters and the employees of all Hub Recruiting clientele. Reach out to us and we'll get you set up with a username and password.

Are there quizzes or tests?

Yes. You'll encounter summary quizzes and exams as you complete each topic. Our recruiters receive certification as they progress through each course. Your team is eligible for the same if you'd like.

Have a look!