Diversity and Inclusion

Hub’s Diversity recruiters make building a diverse organization easier, more
flexible, more data driven, more affordable and completely transparent.

Diversity wins, now more than ever. Representation across an organization improves decision-making especially during a crisis. But inclusion, equity and fairness in the workplace is the real accelerator.

There is a 48% performance difference between the most and least gender-diverse companies, and a 36% difference between the most and least ethnic-diverse companies.

Not just the right thing to do. Also the best thing to do. HubDIVERSITY can help.

Focus on the Problem.

Diversity in the workplace improves company performance by 33% and revenue growth by 24%. Companies can increase diverse hiring with a reliable and consistent pipeline of high quality, diverse candidates from HubDIVERSITY.

Track the Numbers.

By measuring and studying individual company numbers and wider industry achievements, HubDIVERSITY can help clients move towards their goals of employee diversity and workplace inclusion.

Measure the Consequences.

Measuring inclusion across industries gives HubDIVERSITY unprecedented access to employee insights, opinions and scoring for companies of all shapes and sizes. Prioritizing inclusion only comes from measuring it.

HubDIVERSITY Launch Partners: Endurance International and CarGurus

HubDIVERSITY would like to recognize and thank these global leaders for their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.
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