Safety and Compliance Engineer - N. Billerica



As we continue to grow and create more products, we have a need for an additional Safety & Compliance Engineer. This position has the responsibility for eliminating or controlling hazardous conditions that occur as a result of equipment and machinery operations or human error and which may lead to injury or property damage. This role is particularly challenging at Alert because it requires the breadth of experience to address the emerging issues associated with robots working near people as well as the more traditional role of understanding and applying international standards for product and system certification. We expect the Safety & Compliance Engineer to work closely with engineering and manufacturing teams to help them understand and design products compliant with functional safety, EMC/EMI, ergonomic and machinery directive standards. This person will also support Alert’s facility EH&S initiatives by serving on the safety team and providing input on company training as well as on-site and work site safety.

The success of an organization requires more than just individual talent, it takes the work of teams to be successful. We want candidates who enjoy collaboration with others—the best work isn’t done in a vacuum, so everyone at Alert contributes to our projects and our own professional development. Our leaders need your insight, and you need theirs! Our team moves quickly, so you’ll need to be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and be ready (and excited) to challenge convention and blaze new methods of execution.


What Will You Do?

·         Serve as a primary interface to certification labs for assigned products. Help identify the relevant standards and teach the engineering teams. Work with those teams to build test harnesses in order to prepare for testing.

·         Work with regulatory agencies, such as NRTLs, to determine which standards should be applied to Alert’s products and how they should be applied.

·         Drive the requirement to conduct hazards analyses, risk assessments and FMEAs, and work with internal teams to train and assist them in doing the same.

·         Help to establish and maintain safety practices when working with robots internally and at customer sites. Document those practices and help others in the company understand and apply them.

·         Work with other teams to develop and review manuals, procedures and training programs related to Alert’s products and their safe application. The expectation is that the person in this position will provide considerable content and guidance related to product and system safety when working with others to create these documents.

·         Manage the requirements and process for field certification of equipment.


What are We looking for?

·         An individual who is passionate about learning, applying and teaching safety concepts to help create robots and systems that provide businesses the advantages they need in the competitive retail space.

·         Someone who has experience working with machinery, structures and systems in order to assess their compliance with functional and product safety standards such as NFPA 79, NEC, UL 508A, IEC 61010, IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1.

·         The ability to develop test plans and fixturing for certification testing and experience working closely with certification testing facilities such as UL, TUV.

·         Experience working with European Union standards and CE self-certification.

·         Two or more years’ experience performing and leading risk assessment and FMEAs with internal teams and the ability to discuss and document the outcomes.

·         Willingness to learn and share knowledge with other members of the design team in order to continually raise the level of safety expertise and maintain awareness with team members and Alert customers.

·         An individual with excellent communications and interpersonal skills; able to build effective team relationships and efficiently mediate teams achieve consensus.

·         The ability to develop basic project plans and the desire to drive projects to completion.

·         BS/MS in Electrical, Electronic, or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent is required with at least three years of experience working in product safety and compliance.

·         Travel < 10%, mostly reviewing site safety issues before customer acceptance.

·         Experience working on a safety team helping to organize training and doing facility audits is a plus.

·         The ability to apply knowledge of psychological and physiological factors to assist in the design of safety features and controls, compensating for the possibility of human errors in the operation of machinery and equipment.

·         Working with others to define safety system functional requirements, electrical safety and labeling, testing and verification plans and operational procedures.

·         Someone who has performed risk assessments on robotics machinery, followed through with preventive or corrective safety measures, and documented the results to achieve compliance.



·         Constructively support or lead project teams as the circumstances require or as assignment by team leads

·         Work successfully in a collaborative team environment

·         Constructively influence team decisions and product design requirements

·         Self-motivating and capable of working without direction or supervision to achieve team goals

·         Excellent written and verbal communications skills and be able to communicate across all levels of the organization

·         Possess the additional skills of business acumen, basic team facilitation, assignment flexibility, independent thinking and responsibility for execution

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