A dedicated Hub sourcer provides a reliable pipeline of high quality candidates through identification, outreach, and pre-qualification

What is Sourcing?

Sourcing is the total methodology, including strategy, metrics, tools, and activities, companies utilize to locate and assess candidates at the beginning of their hiring process.


The overall sequence includes:

iconmonstr-magnifier-10-240  Identifying qualified candidates using different platforms and talent pools

iconmonstr-phone-6-240  Conducting first-level screenings within a consistent and scalable interview framework

iconmonstr-pen-7-240  Documenting quantitative and qualitative insights from each interview

iconmonstr-handshake-6-240 (2)  Introducing potential hires to your team for the next phase of your talent acquisition process

We help you find talent in
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Software Engineering
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Finance & Accounting
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HR & Operations

How quickly do you get up to speed?

It typically takes us about two weeks to get fully ramped up. In the initial two weeks, we reach out to candidates and handle the preliminary screening. You’ll then start to see resumes of qualified submittals in your inbox.

How big can my team be?

Our projects have ranged from a single part-time Sourcer (Startup Builder) to a fully-embedded talent acquisition team with sourcing, full lifecycle recruiting, and executive search consultation. You can add/subtract resources as your sourcing demands change.

Can I change my Hub team during a project?

Yes. Typical adjustments include:

  • the number of hours per week

  • the number of Hub recruiters you need

  • the area-of-expertise (e.g. engineering or sales)

  • whether the Hub recruiter is a Sourcer or Full Lifecycle 

Can I interview your recruiters before we start the project?

Yes, you can interview our recruiters before starting a project. We'll find the best fit for your needs.

Can your Sourcers work onsite with me?

Yes. Our Sourcers can be embedded within your internal team alongside your hiring managers and key decision-making personnel. Our team members can also support you remotely. Regardless of where they're located, Sourcers own and execute the same responsibilities.

Have you done sourcing projects outside of Boston?

We've also recruited in virtually every established and emerging tech hub in North America. We've worked in markets such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Columbus, San Diego, Charlotte, Nashville, Montreal, Toronto, Mexico City, and more.

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