Systems Engineer -  NYC / New York City


As a Systems Engineer, you’ll work on automating, performance tuning and managing core technologies to the Simon Data ecosystem.  We have a number of scale challenges which require sophisticated instrumentation and profiling in order to achieve the level of efficiency required to support our data throughput and processing requirements.  Our ecosystem is in a constant state of iteration, and solutions which were appropriate at one stage and featureset of our platform may need assessment and re-implementation depending on current needs. We’re looking for people who have experience managing and hardening distributed systems with an eye towards performance.



  • Build out new parts of the Simon Data ecosystem to address ever-changing requirements of scale
  • Manage and performance tune our internally managed technologies like Elasticsearch
  • Profile and debug AWS services and define performant usage patterns
  • Help enhance the ability of our engineering organization by evangelizing performance and system engineering best practices.
  • Help build out the next generation of our infrastructure to be self-healing and elastically scalable.
  • Help establish direction of infrastructure evolution, attempting to find incremental and order of magnitude efficiencies
  • Level up our operational tool chain
  • Collaborate with an engineering team who is passionate about quality, staying ahead of the curve, and teamwork



  • 5+ years production-level systems engineering experience
  • You have a deep comfort and fluency with at least one mainstream programming language (Python, Java, Scala, C#, Ruby, etc.) and familiarity with system management tools (bash, awk, sed, dstat, sar, strace, etc.)
  • Experience designing & supporting large infrastructures and/or distributed systems
  • Openness to learn & collaborate
  • Demonstrated history of execution and delivery
  • Capability to clearly, effectively, and professionally communicate

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