Build your teams with Sourcers and Full Lifecycle Recruiters

What's the difference between a "Sourcer" and a "Full Lifecycle Recruiter?"

A "sourcer" identifies and screens potential hires. They are the first level of outreach and vetting in the candidate qualification cycle. 

A "full lifecycle recruiter" handles every step of the recruiting process from initial contact to closing. Their responsibilities include sourcing, screening (by phone, video conference, or face-to-face meeting), and guiding the potential hire through the interviewing process to selection and hire.

What engineering roles have you recruited before?

We've worked on Chief Technology Officer (CTO) executive searches all the way to junior software engineers.

Engineering roles include: VP of Engineering, Director of Engineering, NLU Scientist, Character AI Developer, Platform Embedded Systems Engineer, Sr. Server Engineer, Sr. iOS Engineer, SDK Engineer, Sr. Software QA Engineer, Build Tools Engineer, Sr. DevOps Engineer, Lead Software Engineer (Multimodal UI),  Manufacturing Test Development Engineer, Lead Vision Scientist, Hardware Validation Engineer, Sr. IoT Architect, Electronic Hardware Engineer, Sr. UX/UI Designer, Sr. Backend Engineer, Information Security Architect, Sr. Full Stack Developer, and more!

What sales roles have you recruited before?

We've built sales teams ranging from executive leadership to individual contributors at every level.

Sales roles include: Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), VP of Sales, Head of Sales, Director of North American Sales, Director of Business Development, Sr. Account Manager, Account Manager, Sr. Manager of Business Development, Sr. Account Executive, Account Executive, Enterprise Account Executive, Channel Sales Executive, Pre-Sales Engineer, Sales Engineer, Solutions Consultant, Business Development Representative (BDR), Sales Development Representative, and more!

What level of roles do you work with?

Our experience ranges from handling Executive Searchfor public companies Like Amazon, Google, and Priceline to placing individual contributors at startups.

How quickly can you ramp up your Hub team?

We typically ramp up a team within one week of the kickoff meeting. We already equip our recruiters with the necessary hardware and software to get started. Our kickoff with you covers project onboarding and protocol.

Is there a minimum commitment level or duration time?

Our clients typically enlist our help for a minimum of six weeks per project. This time frame takes into account the average recruiting cycle for each role and the volume of hiring demands.

Are you generalists or specialists?

We're both. Our junior-level Sourcers begin as generalists and move towards specializations based on role and skillsets. We're more technical than most recruiting companies. Many of our technical recruiters have undergrad engineering degrees. Some have Master's degrees. Many are former engineers (a couple of us still code too!).  However, everyone retains their ability to jump on any project regardless of scope and profile.

What do you mean "onsite" vs. "offsite?"

Our Sourcers and Full Lifecycle Recruiters can be embedded within your internal team alongside your hiring managers and key decision-making personnel. 

Our team members can also support you offsite at our wonderful headquarters in Bedford, MA. They own and execute the same responsibilities.

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