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Hub is a people business that uses technology to optimize, track, measure and enhance performance and client-facing transparency. When the technology we needed did not exist, we built it. is a cloud based, two-sided, multi-tenant platform. It includes an ATS, productivity dashboard with analytics, recruiter Learning Management System (LMS) and resource planning tools.

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Innovation & Insights

        • Just as our clients constantly innovate, so do we. Hub. jobs is constantly being improved and enhanced as Hub continues to solve new hiring problems at different levels of scale.
  • allows growing technology companies to instantly discover new levels of insight into talent acquisition, candidate pipeline analysis, cost-per-hire and ROI.


Hub discovers patterns hidden in data and drives valuable insights within talent acquisition, candidate calibration, and hiring process optimization. Our clients use these insights to make hiring decisions and drive planning as well as create budgets and adjust talent acquisition team size and structure.


Quick and easy access to tools, data and productivity across client hiring engagements.

Hub is a Certified Predictive Index Partner, using data for hiring assessment, team structure, performance optimization and progression / succession planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a game-changer? elevates a company’s insight into their recruiting activity to a new level by instantly allowing companies to see hours worked by each Hub recruiter, budget spent, and candidate pipeline results. By opening up all Hub recruiter activity, companies can instantly know and assess their recruiting activity.

What problem does it solve? provides a crm style The leadership of growing companies should expect deep insight into all essential functions of their organizations. However, hiring continues to be a frustrating and unreliable thorn-in-the-side of growth because most companies do not have insight into their talent acquisition pipeline. solves that problem for companies of all sizes.

Why do you need Dashboard?

The activity dashboard gives growing companies a tool enabling them to visually understand their changing recruiting conditions so they can make decisions using real-time data. Hub’s clients use the dashboard to help users identify trends, decide on the right balance of recruiting resources to meet their hiring requirements, and measure the impact of the activities.

The coolest thing about

Clients usually mention two core features that they especially love.

  • Activity dashboard provides quick views into the most important measurements for hiring.
  • Recruiter availability shows all Hub recruiters’ profiles by availability and expertise.

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