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"When I joined dataxu, I partnered with Hub to effectively and dynamically cater to dataxu’ s super growth mode. I had no team in place and had to quickly build my people strategy organization, first focusing on the talent acquisition segment, to deliver quality hires who could help scale and grow the dataxu strategy. I give Hub the credit for enabling me to get off the ground quickly to add the value dataxu needed in talent acquisition by hiring top talent in the a number of markets; Boston, NY, Chicago, SF, and LA.”

- Tiffany Mosher Taylor
Chief People Officer


"As a Professional Services organization, people are our most important asset and we are constantly searching for more great people to join our team.  We appreciate the partnership and support of Hub Recruiting, especially the flexible staffing model that enables us to ramp up our recruiting efforts when we are actively hiring, and ramp back down when we are focused on continuing to build and nurture our candidate pipeline.  We meet regularly with our Hub team to discuss candidates, review what is working and what areas can improve, and they are very responsive to our needs.  Thank you for your partnership and support!

- Jeffrey  Provost
Chief Operating Officer



"My experience with Hub is somewhat unique as my introduction involved recruitment, and placement for my current role as COO. Tom Pimm did a masterful job outlining the value proposition of the organization in preparation for opening discussions followed by crisp follow up throughout the process. Since joining PTG, Tom and the Hub team have proven to be a great partner sourcing multiple positions.”

- Thomas Lawlor
Chief Operating Officer


"We are very grateful for Hub Recruiting's support through training our Hiring Managers in the interviewing process. Matt especially was very insightful while leading the training and participants appreciated greatly hearing his experience around what works and doesn't when interviewing candidates.  We also appreciate Matt's flexibility in adapting training materials and messages based on our specific needs and priorities as an organization. This was key to ensure the training was relevant to Takeoff."

- Lucia Brower
Chief of Staff



"We worked with Hub on several difficult scientists roles based on a recommendation from our venture capital partners, Bessemer.  Hub provided an exceptional candidate pipeline and we quickly hired an exceptional scientist with an ideal background. We look forward to continuing to work with Hub as we grow our team and recommend Hub to any growing Life Sciences company. They listen well and deliver qualified candidates."

- Joan Resnicow
 Director, Operations & Human Resources

"We used Hub to help us source and pipeline candidates for a variety of roles throughout our organization. Hub provided us with a valuable resource in helping us greatly improve our applicant flow with high quality candidates in a very challenging industry. The communication and attention that we received from Carole and Joe was top notch all the way through the process."

- Dan Harris
Talent Acquisition Specialist


"I simply cannot say enough about Hub Recruiting and the great talent acquisition strategy that they have put in place.  Their integrated solution of providing recruitment, ATS, and training rolled into one hourly price effectively enables me to implement the perfect amount of resource at the exact time of need.  Stellar service coupled with a stellar model."

- Thomas G. Aurelio
Chief HR Officer

"I recommend Hub Recruiting to any business (large or small), that needs extra brainpower in the TA space.  Joining Social Fulcrum in January, Hub had already been engaged for a few months.  Joe and Pierre got me up to speed quickly with the pipeline and their process for supplying candidates was flexible and easy to follow.  The quantity of viable candidates they supplied to us, in a niche market and with very specific needs, in a short time, was remarkable.  And every week, I had a steady stream of resumes in my email waiting for me.  

The team is very responsive, even answering a question during an off hour.  I always ask candidates for feedback on any outside recruiting agency that I have engaged; it's important to me that their experience be positive, as Hub is an extension of the SF brand!  Consistent high marks on explanation of the role, and ease of scheduling a phone screen. Their model is cost-aware and resulted in a definite return on our investment...a number of on-boarded new hires that I wouldn't have found without Hub.  I look forward to working with them again!"

- Jamie Levine
Head of People Operations


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt Corbett and the Hub Recruiting team for over a year.  Jibo was growing at a very aggressive pace and I needed to find a way to expand the reach and impact of my internal team. 

The traditional external recruiter model is so mercenary and does not focus on the organic needs of the hiring company.  Matt convinced me that his model was different.  And it is. 

Within 2 weeks, Jibo had a dedicated team (i.e., a full lifecycle recruiter, with decades of hands-on tech recruiting experience, supported by a full-time sourcing expert) on-site, fully ramped and generating attractive candidates.  We saw results in the first month.  We saw dramatic improvements in top-of-funnel activity, conversion throughout the recruiting funnel, and (most important) we hired several top-flight candidates sourced, vetted and processed by the Hub Team.

One of the most attractive parts of the Hub model is the ability to scale up and scale down as the needs of the business dictate.  We did just that.  At the peak, we had three full 2-person teams focusing on software, hardware, marketing, operations and support roles.  We closed more than 20 quality hires during the time Hub was supporting us.  Once our hiring needs slowed, we were able to back the resources down to more closely fit the new demand curve.

Through it all, I felt that I had a strong business partner and ally in Matt Corbett.  His experience and guidance has been very valuable.  I highly recommend the Hub model and team for any business enterprise looking to quickly scale its hiring."

- Rich Westelman
VP, Finance and HR

"It's been a pleasure working with the team at Hub Recruiting. The first thing that attracted me to Hub was the flexible engagement model and their team's professionalism. Our recruiter Ryan has sourced and managed a number of excellent candidates for various technical and managerial roles. We're definitely in a better place now than we were before bringing on Hub."

- Nate Stell
Marketing & Operations

“As any hiring manager knows finding the right people is not only incredibly difficult but can be costly and time-sucking with seemingly sub-par results.  Being one of the first things you look for third-party help for there are often only contingency based recruiters that aren’t focused on finding the right person for the right amount for your business.  

This is where Hub enters.  Their retainer and hourly based model allows you to work with a professional recruiter that seeks to understand both your brand/culture and your needs for that next hire - as they are all critical as you grow.  Hub has now been integrated with several of my clients and they are all ecstatic about the value that is brought as they are searching for the right people to grow their team.  I cannot recommend them enough!”

- Howard Greene

"I can’t begin to say enough about how fantastic Hub Recruiting is.  AppNeta partnered with Hub Recruiting as we were building out our Talent Management Team. Hub played an amazing role in helping to fill sales and engineering roles. The Hub recruiting team was an extension of the AppNeta recruitment team. Without their assistance we would have not been able to build our top of the funnel talent pool and identify some top talent."

- Nicole Hart,
Human Resources Director


"In a competitive Boston market, Hub provided us a terrific pipeline of qualified candidates that helped us fill key positions. Hub ramped up quickly, was adept at understanding our talent needs, helped coach our interviewing team, and represented our culture throughout the recruiting process. They went above and beyond to help us on the HR front as well. The value Hub brought to Ovuline exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them to any early stage company that is looking to jumpstart their recruiting process."

- Paris Wallace,

"Hub did an excellent job for us in filling a key executive role. By taking the time to understand our company's mission and values, they quickly created a robust pipeline of candidates, expertly qualified them, sold the best ones on the opportunity, and listened to our feedback to home in on a great hire."

- Mike Baker

"At Nexage we have worked with Hub Recruiting for 2+ years.  They have been a key strategic partner for us as we've built our team, managing the full cycle of sourcing, recruiting and onboarding for us, driving strong results, understanding our culture, and bringing us top performers who could thrive within that culture.  I highly recommend them to those looking for a partner in building out your company's team."

- Ernie Cormier

"Have you ever worked with an exec recruiter and felt like a commodity? In many cases they call you when they need you, and lose interest once things are turning cold without even making a follow-up call to close the loop or give feedback. 

This is not the case with Hub. You are a person, and they will represent you as you would with full transparency and respect. You will never feel that they are not 100% on your side and just trying to close a transaction. I was lucky and honored to experience it after many years in the industry where personal relationships are essential.  As my first successful placement with an exec recruiting firm, Hub demonstrated that it could be a different experience. Highly recommended!"

- Koby Avital

"I partnered with Hub Recruiting earlier this year after our company went into another growth spurt.  We picked Hub based on its outstanding reputation for working with high growth tech companies.  We wanted more than a recruitment agency to fill an open position. We wanted a strategic partner that could help us hire the right people for the roles and our culture.  Hub has definitely fulfilled this tenfold.  They truly understand how to find amazing hires that will help us push our business forward."

- Ashley Raus
Director, People Strategy

"When we have an increased need, we ramp up our activity with Hub Recruiting. When we have a decreased need – when we’re set for a little while – we can change and keep it to a minimal expense. I’ve been really appreciative from a cash flow standpoint. From a demand standpoint it’s been a really efficient and effective relationship."

- Lee Maxey
Founder & CEO



"The guidance that Hub provided us really helped us to stick with a great timeline and move things through fast. We accomplished this entire framework in less than a quarter which is truly amazing. This process has helped Criteo as a whole to become more efficient, to tackle the challenge of getting candidates to pick up the phone or to answer questions and that’s been incredibly beneficial to us."

- Jessica Breslav
Managing Director, Mid-Market Americas

"Make sure you’re investing appropriately in your hiring process. You need to make sure you’re 100% confident that you’ve got a process in place that will allow you to bring the best people into your company. It makes all the difference in the world. And if you aren’t 100% confident you have the right solution, I highly recommend Hub Recruiting as an excellent partner."

- John Shea
VP, Mid-Market Sales


"After working with multiple other recruiting agencies we were referred to Hub Recruiting. I was skeptical at first as Hub Recruiting was half the cost of the other firms we had tried but after a few weeks it was clear they were the firm we were looking for.

I always look for proactiveness and ownership in our partners and both Tom and Brooke demonstrated these traits time and again. They've continually gone above and beyond to find the best candidate for our company and it's clear they care about fully understanding our goals, processes and the position. It's been a pleasure working with the Hub Recruiting team and excited to do so again in the future."

- Kevin Materi