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Margaret "Maggie" Fitzgerald

Area of Expertise
  • Engineering

  • Sales

  • Marketing

Work History

I graduated from Villanova University with a Civil Engineering degree but have had a very varied career. I started at Andersen Consulting (now called Accenture) and focused on both the finance and government verticals. My projects included everything from the TX Child Support System, Y2K and Workforce Development around the US. I then moved to Compaq (now HP) as a Project Manager for their Global Customer Service Center (GCSC). I decided to take a break from IT after 9 years and took a Business Development role at Scirex (now Premiere Research), a clinical research company. I returned to Accenture in 2013 and worked as a culture lead managing All Hands Meetings for ASW and an Executive Leadership program. I moved to a Product Marketing Manager role in 2014 and held that for 2 years. I decided my vast experience and love of people was a great combination to be a successful executive recruiter and took the leap in 2019.

Special Interest:

  • Zachary, Tyler and Lily. Ha! My 3 kids, Volunteering with local organizations specially Gold Ribbon Rescue that rescues Golden Retrievers, Travel, my favorite location is the beach, in particular Rosemary Beach, FL

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