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Ryan Klein

Sourcer and Full Cycle Recruiter
Area of Expertise
  • Engineering

  • Sales

  • Product

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • HR & Operations

Work History

With a background in customer service & sales, I fell into the recruiting world in 2014 when I landed a technical sourcer position at Amazon in Seattle, which served as a catapult for my career. After that I proudly worked for GCU (Grand Canyon University) here in my hometown of Phoenix, during a period of massive, exciting growth. Since then I've primarily worked with RPOs/agencies, including my own for a brief time servicing one of my all-time favorite clients, a little company called the NFL. After the pandemic brought everything to a screeching, but temporary halt in 2020, I rediscovered my love for recruiting in 2021 when I became a Hubster. I somehow wound up on a phone call with CEO Matt Corbett, and I knew right away I liked this guy and wanted to work with him. Life's been nothing short of amazing ever since!

Special Interest:

  1. Writing songs, poems, journal entries, and letters to my son.
  2.  Hiking & mountain biking all over AZ on my Klein mountain bike.
  3. Texas Hold 'Em poker, I love the game, & sometimes I'm lucky.

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