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Ryan Klein

Sourcer and Full Cycle Recruiter
Area of Expertise
  • Engineering

  • Sales

  • Product

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • HR & Operations

Work History

With a background in various sales, hospitality, and customer service positions, I fell into recruiting in 2014 when I landed on the International Expansion Team at Amazon in Seattle. Having no prior experience in tech nor recruiting, this position served as a catapult for my career. I fell in love with it. My manager became my mentor, and I quickly ramped up to speed and exceeded expectations for over 2 years, which at Amazon is not easy to do, and thus one of my proudest achievements. After declining the opportunity to join full-time in Seattle, (due to starting a new family in AZ) I opted instead to jump ship and join a local company/college here in my home city of Phoenix, by the name of GCU (Grand Canyon University) and remained there for the next 2 plus years. I was initially brought in to staff their newly built hotel, restaurant, and golf course, and remained the sole full cycle recruiter for all hospitality roles until I left GCU in 2018. During my time there I also grew into more of a hybrid recruiter, supporting a large number of departments, everything from tech to non-tech, from accounting & finance to marketing & IT. I was a subject matter expert on all things Workday, a reliable talent advisor to my hiring leaders, and a go-to team member for backup coverage or help, in my time there I filled over 200 roles throughout a myriad of different functional areas. I was then recruited to lead my own team and run a new office for a recruiting agency from California, called Spectra360, looking to expand in Phoenix. Specializing in commercial truck drivers and warehouse positions, this introduced me to a new industry, adding to the diversity of my recruiting experience. This was also the first time I experienced a more "sales driven" type of recruiting environment, having made the switch from corporate recruiting to agency recruiting. I also gained leadership experience in this position, as well as growing my strengths in areas such as time management and independent drive, especially since shortly after starting I was forced into a position of running the show all by myself, including the field sales side of things. Eventually, rather than bring in more support, the company ultimately decided to close down their Phoenix branch, which opened up a new opportunity for me, one that I hold closest to my heart, working for a little company called the NFL. Yes, I'm a long time fan! I was recruited through someone in my network, whom became another mentor for me & helped me to form my own LLC for a B2B situation, and was contracted as the main person on the NFL account, working closely with the heads of TA for both the New York & Los Angeles offices. I filled a variety of fun roles in my 10 months there, including my personal favorite, the Director of Fantasy Content, also numerous other director level executives, Tech leaders, TPMs, SWEs, Product and Project managers, broadcast engineers, and even a wardrobe designer. I was a go to talent advisor supporting numerous areas and left on very good terms. From there, I remained close with my mentor, behind the scenes supporting a number of clients for our RPO, until the COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a screeching, but temporary halt in early 2020. I spent the rest of the year off, becoming an investor, only working part time for a friend in retail, and spending a lot more time bonding with my son and other family, and rediscovering/reinventing myself. That brings me to 2021, when the market began to heat up again and I started looking to get back into recruiting, and somehow wound up on a phone call with Matt Corbett, and I knew right away I liked this guy and wanted to work with him. Then in March it happened, I started my contract position with Collibra, and it's been on and amazing ever since! Loving life at Hub, cheers!

Special Interest:

  • 1.) Writing - I keep a daily journal, I write song lyrics and poetry, and I'm working on a book. I've also been writing letters to my son on a regular basis since he was born, hoping to give them to him one day when he's older.
    2.) Hiking and Mountain biking - I try my best to stay fit, and I prefer to get my exercise in through activities I enjoy. While I'm an avid fan and participant in several sports including Basketball, Football, Golf, and Tennis, but being in an ideal setting like AZ, what I enjoy most is climbing to the top of a mountain or trail riding on my Klein mountain bike.
    3.) Texas Hold 'Em - I wouldn't say I have a gambling problem LOL but I just LOVE the game of poker, texas hold em to be specific. I play in a free pub poker league, also play in several house games with friends, and I like going to Vegas to play, as well as locally on the Indian reservations here in Phoenix, AZ.

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