RPO With A Soul

It's who we are. 

Our Mission

Hub is pioneering the future of RPO. We offer growing technology companies a precise, efficient and flexible corporate recruiting solution made possible by our amazing recruiters and powerful technology. At Hub, we’ve created an inclusive and empowering culture so that our recruiters will always be proud to call themselves Hubsters.

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What is an RPO with a Soul?

Hub wasn’t even sure until we became one. When a new employee expressed that she joined Hub because she thought of Hub as ‘the RPO with a Soul,’ we were surprised and thrilled by the compliment. But we also understood. Because it's who we are. 

Every employee, every project, every day.

Being the RPO with a Soul

People First


At Hub, we have a real sense of purpose and always stand for much more than revenue and margins. We consistently prioritize the well-being of our employees, clients and overall community.


Our  purpose-driven ethos is apparent in the interview process when it becomes clear that in addition to appreciating skill sets, capabilities and experiences, we value the person and experiences they bring to our team’s lives. 



At Hub, we  accept the responsibility of thinking beyond our own boundaries and working to drive positive change throughout the lives and families of all Hubsters, our clients,  and our communities.

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