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Hub Recruiting, a division of the world’s fastest growing global
talent advisory firm ZRG, is pioneering the future of tech enabled
We offer companies an efficient and flexible recruiting solution
made possible by our remarkable talent team and powered by data
centric technology.

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The industry shift to RPO represents the biggest evolution in recruiting approaches for over 50 years. Hub is a RPO pioneer for it’s focus on technology companies, recruiter quality and technology platform.


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HubDIVERSITY recruits candidates who are both qualified for open roles because of their skills and who strengthen company culture by bringing more diversity.



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Hub Recruiting is a

Tech-Enabled RPO

When growing companies partner with Hub, they have decided to work with an RPO powered by industry-leading analytics and technology.   As a data-driven recruiting organization partnered with one of the world’s fastest-growing talent advisory firms, we combine data with expertise to help organizations find the people they need.

We create customized solutions designed to meet an organization’s specific challenges. Our partners see measurable results from a strategy based on a company’s needs and data insights, not on pre-existing recruitment models and guesswork.

Partner with Hub to control your costs, decrease the time to hire and gain visibility into resource planning with clear transparency into recruiting productivity.
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How can you assist me most in building a pipeline of quality talent?


Sometimes, in the talent game, the hardest goal to reach is to build a pipeline of great talent.  Hub can work with your internal teams and create great metrics, as it allows us to combine our external expertise and expansive knowledge with your internal process and cultural understanding of your in-house team. This time proven embedded approach means that our consultants work incredibly closely with existing team members to maximize results.

How do we build a division of our organization from scratch?

Whether you identify as a start-up or just a growing organization, a full recruiting department may not have been your focus.   While in this stage, bringing in external expertise to ensure this is done correctly is key. We can advise on the process and still deliver on whichever goals you may want to achieve.

We are on a time crunch. How quickly can you find us great talent?

Flexibility and results is always our goal. We can support and add to your team with quick and ease in a matter of days. We’ve have worked with top organizations with quick deadlines with a data-driven approach to ensure we deliver strong ROI.

Can you assist us in restructuring our talent process and strategy?

Figuring out a talent plan can be difficult. Then taking in to account ROI and costs to hire, talent acquisition departments can be quick to hire and therefore the quality of the candidates and hires can drop. Focusing on quality long-term partnerships, we are better prepared to deliver you the very best talent with reduced costs.

How do you deliver results, while also decreasing costs?

Hub consultants save, on average, almost 50% versus a traditional recruiting agency. Because we do not work on a commission on individual roles, we take the time to build a relationship that delivers ROI over time. Many of our partners even find that our model is more cost-effective over time than increasing the capacity of their in-house team.