Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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The Hub Solution

Every partner we work with has different talent needs, brands, and processes. Our team customizes a solution just for you and then becomes an extension of your brand to find the talent you need and provide the data to make decisions for the future, and we have been doing it since 2014.

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Why We Do What We Do

We have a passion for finding great talent. As your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, we want to deliver the desired results and take your talent strategy to the next level. We do it with an easy-on/easy-off approach that allows you to use us when you need us and stop when you don’t.

Why work with Hub

Our partners’ success means everything. We have built our internal structure and process to ensure client success is our ultimate goal. We are nimble, transparent, and data-focused, which makes it easy to pivot to accommodate our partners' needs. We can do this with no long-term commitments and hourly fees with no additional costs.

Ready to work together?

We are ready too! Whatever your needs, our process can take as little as a few days to start. Our dedicated recruitment teams will focus on critical recruitment pain points, including decreasing premium labor, finding the right culture adds, and maintaining a consistent brand message.


Our Solutions

We create tailored solutions designed to meet your organization's specific challenges. You are guaranteed a solution based on your organization's needs, not pre-existing recruitment models. We are flexible, creative, highly experienced, and passionate about our work.

Project Based

Our short-term or volume hire solution. This solution is ideal for companies with immediate, inconsistent hiring needs throughout the year or bulk-hiring needs. This ready-to-deploy option can be turned off once goals have been achieved. Timely, nimble, and cost-effective, the average recruitment outsourcing project may be implemented in as little as a few weeks and typically lasts between three to twelve months.


We work with you on a solution that gives your organization as little or as much support as needed. Ideal for companies seeking complete flexibility in a time of critical need. On-demand recruitment solutions are designed for any recruitment-related demand in any time frame, including sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, or technology. And if you need more support than initially projected, an on-demand partnership may expand in scope or services as your requirements evolve.


Multiple recruiters in one organization, not necessarily one department. Ideal for companies that need to create a whole recruiting department or supplement a rapidly growing organization. This approach is well suited to organizations that need a team of more than one recruiter. An Enterprise RPO solution looks after the complete recruitment process taking care of every piece of the talent puzzle, from attracting candidates to offers negotiations, onboarding colleagues, monitoring compliance, and conducting exit interviews. As a unique, full-service solution, enterprise RPO can be deployed throughout your organization or within a specific geographic region, division, department, or function.

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