DEIB at Hub

Diverse by Nature, Inclusive by Choice

At Hub, diversity is essential to how we do business. Since our founding in 2012, we have worked with people from around the globe and learned that diversity is vital to achieving true excellence and creating a culture of inclusion for all. Our mission is to ensure that we have leveraged the power of diversity in every interaction to develop the best employees and leaders.

We recognize that diverse voices and experiences enhance innovation, deepen team connections, and help organizations improve performance. Therefore, our commitment to an inclusive process ensures that every client considers highly qualified candidates from all walks of life, each of whom can empower the company to reach its full potential.

It is important to us that the vigor we employ to establish an inclusive culture for our clients is also reflected internally. We believe our colleagues are responsible for acting with integrity, embracing differences, and intensively listening and learning. Our workplace culture invites employees to comfortably share their diverse perspectives, global backgrounds, and authentic selves at work. We are dedicated to offering a safe and supportive environment for our people one that reinforces workplace belonging. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are integral to everything we do at Hub.

Hub Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Strategic Plan 2023-2026

We believe without action, DEIB plans mean very little. So in conjunction with our leaders, the internal DEIB team developed a plan with action behind it. DEIB is part of our culture, but we wanted to ensure it was always top of mind. So we wrote a plan to keep us true to our goals. Read it here.