Diverse Working

Diverse Cultures Lead to Better Results

It has been proven that diverse and inclusive cultures lead to more innovation, more productivity, and employees who stay. We have recruiters on our team who are trained in recruiting and sourcing techniques that help organizations build out cultures that ensure success.

Hire Diverse Talent

Starting The Conversation

In response to the national conversation on race, inequality, racism, Hubs CEO Matt Corbett and Hubster Lauren Dawkins sat down for an in-depth conversation on race in and inequality within the workplace and how Hub Recruiting could be a part of the changing the narrative.

A Path Towards Change

Building a diverse team is not just the right thing to do; It's the best thing to do. Representation across an organization improves decision-making and collaboration, especially during today's complex labor market. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace are true accelerators for forward-looking companies.



Working with Hub and potentially ZRG Partners’ other divisions, you can find the great talent you need while making diversity an essential component of how and who you hire.


DEI is at the core of Hub. Our team has the breadth of experience that allows us to help you source, hire, and onboard talent with diversity in mind.


There is a 48% performance difference between the most and least gender-diverse companies and a 36% difference between the most and least ethnic-diverse companies. Let us help you make a difference.



Diversity in Action

At Hub, we are proud of the diverse makeup of our employees because we know it makes us stronger and better able to handle the most complex problems in business. A deep belief in the value of diversity in all forms has been woven into the fabric of Hub since Day 1. It is one of the reasons why Hub was asked to start HubDIVERSITY and is now known as the RPO with a Soul.

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