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Our Story


It started in 2010 with two old friends discussing their passion for hiring exceptional people, continuous innovation, diversity, and transparency.


2021 – Growth.

Seven years of hard work, focus and dedication drive phenomenal growth through high-impact partnerships with leading technology companies. We continue to be called upon to successfully assist our clients with their accelerated hiring while growing our reputation as the RPO with a Soul.

2020 – Challenges.

iconmonstr-magnifier-10-240A trying year for everyone. In the midst of the global pandemic, Hub launches HubDIVERSITY and People Operations to support technology companies struggling with unprecedented challenges. The partnership with Predictive Index drives data into hiring.

2019 – Innovation.

iconmonstr-product-5-240Launch the platform to support Hub’s growing partnerships with leading technology companies. A free, multi-sided platform (MSP) with a productivity and ROI dashboard, multi-tenant ATS, recruiter training content and activity tracking.

2018 – Optimization.

Operational improvements include an internal training program called Hub Recruiting University (HRU), fractional solutions called Startup Builder and version 1.0 of

2017 – Expansion

Hub’s capabilities grew significantly with the addition of two strategic services - Executive Search and Turnkey Corporate Recruiting teams.

2016 – Focus

Hub’s laser focus on the high growth, technology sector was rewarded by incredible build-out engagements with Criteo, Brightcove, DataXu and Nexage.

2015 – Learning

Listening to clients and friends in the high tech allowed Hub to adjust and refine the solution, approach, pricing and focus.

2014 – The Pivot.

Switching to RPO from Software Consulting based on the macro-trends in staffing, the need for flexibility within corporate recruiting, pending labor shortages in high tech and the repercussions of LinkedIn’s post-IPO growth trajectory.

Hub Recruiting

At Hub People Come First

Hubsters are incredible people first and Recruiters second. We are open-minded adventurers who love helping people, adding value, bringing our full selves to every project and leaving our clients in a better place than when we arrived.

On a personal note, we are dog people with our furry friends joining us in the office.

We also believe in giving back through volunteering for local nonprofits and fundraising for great causes.

A deep belief in the value of diversity in all forms has been woven into the fabric of Hub since Day 1. It is one of the reasons why Hub was asked to start HubDIVERSITY and is now known as the RPO with a Soul.

Our Diverse People

56% Female 44% Male

Gender Diversity

Professionals of Color

Ethnic Diversity

LGBTQ Diversity

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