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Lori Prehar headshot
Lori Prehar
Managing Director

A graduate of Bentley University, Lori (Pilla) Prehar has a sales career defined by passion, adaptability, and a championing spirit for women. With a professional journey spanning three decades, Lori's roots in the Telecom industry laid the foundation for her expertise in solving B2B voice and data challenges. Transitioning into the recruiting realm, she excelled in connecting software engineers with prominent product companies around Boston.

Lori's pivot to selling SaaS software marked a significant evolution, intertwining her natural flair for people with her sales acumen. In working with Talent teams, Lori finds her true calling - a seamless blend of her skills and passion. Committed to shaping better professional stories, she believes in the transformative power of the right team. Lori asserts that world-class results hinge on exceptional teams, while even cutting-edge solutions falter with mediocre ones. Her approach to sales is boutique, tailoring solutions for a diverse range of clients, from sprouting startups to Fortune 50 giants.

Outside of her professional arena, Lori is a dedicated veteran's wife and a proud mother of five, balancing her bustling family life with her love for dogs, Italian cuisine, and making instant connections. A Texas High School Football enthusiast and a 'Shark Tank' aficionado, Lori embodies a 'family first' ethos, bringing warmth and dedication to every aspect of her life.